The Changing Face of Beauty


Director and Producer
Rory Kennedy
Liz Garbus

Gini Reticker

Host and Narrator
Sela Ward

Made in collaboration with Lifetime Television and hosted by Sela Ward, The Changing Face of Beauty takes a hard, incisive look at our culture’s notions of beauty and the impact these images have on women of all ages. As women, we are fed with images from the media about what beauty is. Some of us comfortably take these notions in stride, picking and choosing what works best for us, while others go to great lengths to conform to what are sometimes impossible ideals.

Without condemning or reinforcing women’s individual choices, this film seeks to build awareness about what underlies different attitudes towards beauty and aging. Through interviews with renowned experts and verite scenes and archival footage, we examine new trends in our culture that both constrict, and empower “real” women.

The Changing Face of Beauty premiered on Lifetime Television in March 2000.


This film has been made in collaboration with Lifetime Television.