Liz Garbus

Liz Garbus

Rory Kennedy
Jesse Moss

Director of Photography
Tony Hardmon

Frank Keraudren

Juvies is an intimate and harrowing look at the turbulent journeys of three young men in and out of Baltimore's Juvenile Justice System. The filmmakers obtained unprecedented access to a world generally closed to the outside, inside which three dramatic stories unfold during the course of the film: Shawn, 17, overcomes the odds and gets off the street, only to have the system throw one more roadblock in his path. Daniel, 14, who is mentally ill, finds himself criminalized and trapped in a system that is unable and unwilling to help him. And at 16, Anthony's troubles are rooted in the dissolution of his tight-knit family, but he finds redemption from a loving and devoted father.

Juvies premiered on A&E in March 2000.

“Without overt editorializing, the film argues compellingly against the one-size-fits-all justice system for those under 18. Garbus... handles the material with technical competence and sensitivity.”

— The Austin Chronicle