A Boy’s Life

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Rory Kennedy

Rory Kennedy
Liz Garbus

Nick Doob

Director of Photography
Nick Doob

Charlton McMillan

Story Editor
Mark Bailey

Original Music
Joel Goodman

A Boy’s Life tells the story of Robert, a young Mississippi boy whose increasingly violent, disturbing behavior belies his natural intelligence and ability. His family’s resources already spread thin; their options to help him are few and unpalatable. The sporadic outpatient counseling he receives doesn’t seem to be sufficient, but the alternative is to surrender him to a healthcare system that inspires little confidence.

Set in Eupora, Mississippi, where the median household income is under $25,000 a year, this film provides a verite look into how social services affect, and often neglect, American children living in poverty.

“Ms. Kennedy…is becoming quite a filmmaker. It is difficult to take your eyes off her subjects or their plight.”

— The New York Times