Street Fight


Director / Producer
Marshall Curry

Executive Producer
Liz Garbus
Rory Kennedy

Associate Producer
Catherine Jones
Marisa Karplus

Director of Cinematography
Marshall Curry

Marshall Curry
Rachel Kittner
Mary Manhardt

Original Music
James Baxter

Nominated for a 2005 Academy Award in Best Features, Street Fight follows the 2002 mayoral campaign in Newark, New Jersey, in which Cory Booker attempted to unseat longtime Mayor, Sharpe James. When the mayor accuses the Ivy League-educated Booker of not being “really black,” the campaign forces voters to examine how we define race in America.

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“Amasses the cumulative tension of a crackerjack suspense thriller… It is filmmaking of the first order, a movie with the power to turn hearts, change minds…”

— Los Angeles Weekly